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Engage with thousands of titles on our app for free!

Audiobooks, eBooks, Podcasts, and more with enhanced interactive content and activities.

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  1. Install our free mobile app

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  3. Engage with content

You'll be automatically entered to win 1 year of Premium Access to the 4th Wall Unlimited app.


A new winner is chosen each month.

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Huge Library

"A huge library of classic literature that I've always wanted to read! A much better use of my time than scrolling through social media."

- Sarah

So Convenient

"This app is so convenient. I've got tons of great ebooks and audiobooks at my fingertips anytime, anywhere."

- Joseph

A New Favorite

"I'm really enjoying the 4th Wall Unlimited app. Great content and lots of it. Books and audiobooks across a wide variety of genres. A new favorite!"

- CJ


"My bookclub loves the 4th Wall Unlimited app and uses it exclusively. The annotations are great for collecting and sharing our thoughts about each book."

- Bianca

  • What is 4th Wall Unlimited?
    4th Wall Unlimited is a mobile app and web portal that gives you access to a collection of thousands of Classic Literature eBooks, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and more with enhanced interactive content and activities.
  • Who is the 4th Wall Unlimited app for?
    Individuals use our app for a variety of purposes; everyday entertainment, expanding their classic literature knowledge, for referencing and reading material related to school classes, and more. Families use our app to spend quality time together engaging in classic stories. We've got incredible content for kids, teens, and adults. Bookclubs love our app and use it for the content they engage in with their groups. The annotation features help each individual keep track of notes and thoughts to share during bookclub discussion about the content.
  • Can I share my account with family & friends?
    Yes, each 4th Wall Unlimited account includes 5 profiles for sharing with family & friends. Each profiles content engagement, bookmarks, annotations, highlights, and notes are kept separate, allowing everyone to engage in the content they enjoy.
  • What devices can I use with 4th Wall Unlimited?
    4th Wall Unlimited works on all your favorite devices. You can access 4th Wall Unlimited on mobile devices (iOS & Android) with our mobile app and from laptops/desktop computers (PC & Mac) through our web portal.
  • How much does 4th Wall Unlimited cost?
    Free Access: 4th Wall Unlimited membership is free. Free members can access up to 15% of each piece of content and use various features. Premium Access Free Trial: For full access to all content and features, members can initiate a Premium Access free trial. Ongoing Premium Access: For ongoing full access, a Premium Access membership costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
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